GrandRest 9 Inch True Comfort Gel Mattress

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Enjoy a restful sleep with the GranRest 9" Comfort Memory Foam Mattress. You will receive it in a surprisingly small box. This GranRest memory foam mattress is pressed, sealed, folded, and rolled to a more manageable size. This means you can move it to the designated room easily. After you remove the product from the package, it will immediately begin to revert to its original size and shape by expanding. For the best results, allow the mattress to expand for 72 hours. This allows all the foam cells to fully recover and helps any odors to dissipate. The item features a memory foam that has gel-infused material to help distribute body pressure and provide a natural cooling effect.

GrandRest 9" Comfort Memory Foam Mattress: I-Gel layer is infused with a gel material to regulate temperature The convoluted layer increases airflow The high-density base layer offers stability Adjusts to your individual weight and body shape for a customized fit This memory foam mattress is composed of eco-friendly materials Compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box for easy delivery and setup